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How To Compare Auto Self-Storage Services?

Want to store your car safely before moving out of town? Or are you looking for a climate-controlled garage for your expensive vehicle in the winters? No matter the reason, auto self-storage services can be quite handy. As the name suggests, such services offer cheap storage units for customers for a fixed monthly price. You can choose to keep any kind of vehicle, as long as it meets the terms and conditions of the concerned service. How do you choose a storage service for vehicles? We have enlisted a few pointers for quick help!

  1. Consider your options

What kind of storage do you need? If you are looking for outdoor storage, the costs are relatively cheaper. However, outdoor storage has its own risks, so make sure to understand the pros and cons. The next alternative is an indoor unit, which comes in standard sizes. The price is usually dependent on the location and size of the unit, but if you need climate controlled storage, the costs might surge a bit. Ideally, it is best to look for climate controlled units for cars, so that you can keep the vehicle protected against weather.

  1. Consider the price

Now, self-storage services aren’t expensive per se, but it is best to consider the different options available. Most services offer an initial discount to new customers, which is amazing. However, if you intend to store the car for more than a year, you can try seeking a better price. Unless your vehicle is extremely big, the prices are affordable in most cases. Also, the location is an important factor. In case you intend to use the car frequently, choosing a nearby facility is always better.

  1. Consider the basic aspects

Experts advise on checking the engine fluids before storing, especially if you are keeping the vehicle for a few months. Check the battery and other small details, so that you can prevent possible damages. Storage facilities may offer additional information on how to store a car, so take your time to consider the suggestions.  It is also advisable to check the facilities in person, so that you can take a look at security and maintenance measures. The units should be clean inside out, and the premises must be monitored by CCTV cameras and security guards at all times. If you have any issues, talk to the manager directly and ask questions about pest and mold control.

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