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What Are Genuine BMW Parts?

These are the exact same parts you would receive at a dealership with the BMW logo present on them. They are manufactured by a number of companies to meet the high-quality standards of the brand. Genuine BMW parts are also backed by BMW’s 2-year warranty. Meaning, if anything goes wrong with the part during that time period, the dealership will replace it with a new one at no cost to you. Although, you may have to pay for labor costs.

Sometimes BMW produces genuine parts themselves, but they’re limited to trim pieces, body parts, or cosmetic features. For mechanical components, they generally contract them out to qualified companies.

Genuine BMW parts will always be in stock at your BMW dealership. You won’t have to wait long periods for a part to be ordered because it’s not available – the parts department at BMW dealerships are constantly ordering new parts to replenish existing supplies.

How are Genuine BMW Parts Different From OEM?

Surprisingly, there isn’t much difference. For OEM parts, BMW entertains proposals from outside companies such as Bosch, Mann, etc. for them to produce particular car parts. Bosch might produce alternators, while Mann might produce a fuel, oil or cabin filter. The companies that are awarded the contracts produce these parts based on the specifications supplied by BMW and make them according to their strict quality standards.

Why Is It Beneficial to Purchase Genuine BMW Parts?

Genuine BMW parts will be the same ones that your vehicle was produced with when it was first made. That means the quality and craftsmanship will be the same, and you can enjoy the same high performance provided by the original part. You won’t have to question their quality or capability because genuine BMW parts work as they should over a long period of time.

The alternative to OEM or genuine parts is aftermarket, and while there are some benefits to purchasing these, in general, they tend to be of inferior quality compared to genuine parts. The companies that produce aftermarket parts don’t have the BMW blueprints in front of them when they’re creating it. They are also typically not tested to BMW’s strict specifications for quality. Moreover, if the aftermarket part doesn’t fit correctly, there may be extra labor involved or a fitting or adaptor applied to the part to ensure it operates properly.

In general, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies here. Parts that cost less may not perform as well or last as long, so to avoid multiple potential trips to the dealership or local mechanic, it may be wise to invest in genuine BMW parts to avoid this hassle.

As mentioned before, BMW provides warranties for their genuine parts, and may not always do that for aftermarket parts. This is another reason to preserve the driving quality of your vehicle and invest in genuine BMW parts.

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