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3 Misconceptions about inflating your tires with nitrogen

Among its advantages hides some drawbacks. Tires are part of our car that has direct contact with the road. Performance of many important things related to both performance and safety in our vehicle are derived. Provide road holding, directly they reflect the performance of the machine and converted by operation, the strength of our engine speed. Hence its importance.


For some years the nitrogen inflation of these items has become fashionable. Nor will there be denying it, thanks to its use significantly improves the performance of our vehicle. However, given the advantages also are some drawbacks that there will be left unrevised.


Inflating tires with nitrogen your car can become a drawback, especially when we think about the price. While on a service station or the “talachero” trust this process can cost as little as loads change in his pockets, do it with nitrogen involves a greater cost. Prices are around 200-400 pesos according to the place.

Back to inflate

You will not find everywhere service inflated with nitrogen, so that when the pressure of these require an adjustment, you have to go somewhere specific. Although if you fill -for the moment- a tire with normal air, nothing happens. But the benefits of nitrogen will be reduced.

The tire pressure

One of the main advantages of nitrogen is that the tire pressure will remain constant for longer in relation to which they have been inflated with air. While this is true, the difference between the two might not be so large, so it depends on your decision compare and decide if it suits you. As nitrogen molecules are much larger than the oxygen escapes more slowly. If you are looking for Chevy Truck wheels then discover more on https://www.usarim.com/chevy-wheels/.

No it works best at high temperatures

Some people put nitrogen in their tires in hot weather, especially because according to the idea, at high temperatures the cold nitrogen maintains the tire. The truth is that this idea is a lie; this gas is maintained at the same temperature as the rim so that if the tire reaches a high temperature inside the camera will too. However, not everything related to the use of nitrogen is wrong. For some it has become popular.

The main advantages of its use are:

Fuel savings

With the pressure indicated on the tire it is normal that your car consumes less fuel. That truth about the cars can be emulated in the same way if you do it with ordinary air constantly.

Reduces oxidation in the wheels of the car

Nitrogen does not produce the effect of oxidation on the metal parts of the car as oxygen does. We must also consider that this wear is very slow and occurs over years, sometimes decades. Now that you know you can decide to do or not. As always it depends on your pocket experience some beneficial changes in the performance of your car.

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