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4 Options For Buying A Boat In Australia – Which One Will You Choose?

If you are planning to buy a boat, understand that it’s a big expense. Plus, whether you purchase new or used, you have to consider certain risks along with benefits. If you are looking for a boat and not sure how to do it the best way, read the following various options you have.

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You have four options for purchasing a boat:

1. Buy a New Boat from a Local Australian Dealer (A Boat Made in Australia or Abroad)

Several people are of opinion that it’s better to buy a new boat rather than buying perhaps someone else’s problem.

New boats have many benefits, including ease of purchasing, warranty coverage and servicing contracts. There is also a factor of newness and pride that you own a boat that nobody else has used before. Also, you are likely to get the latest technology and design.

You also get a better range of options for colours and upgrades. Moreover, you are helping the Australian boat manufacturing industry and economy.

The drawback of purchasing a new boat is that usually you have to pay a higher price than a boat that is a few years old. There may be delivery delays if the model you want is out of stock and it has to be bought from somewhere else.

2. Buy a Secondhand Boat from a Boat Broker or a Private Owner

The benefit of this option is that you can personally check and inspect the boat.

Its downside is that you may have to travel interstate and still may not find the model or make you want. Private boat sellers in Australia tend to keep their prices higher than the market value and it’s quite difficult to bargain.

If you can see the boat personally and check its mechanical soundness and seaworthiness, it’s beneficial. But if you buy one from the internet, you are at risk of buying someone else’s problem rather than a boat of your dreams.

If you choose to buy from the internet, beware of misinterpretation by sellers whether intentional or not. You should get an independent report if you have no means of checking the boat personally.

3. Import a Boat from Abroad Through a Boat Broker

Importing a boat from the United States is one of the most popular options in Australia.

There are many reasons for this, including a more diverse selection of popular models and makes, the high quality craftsmanship of some of these vessels, larger size for lower price because of the current strength of the Australian dollar in the world market against the US currency and market.

When you take help of boat brokers to import a boat from abroad, they take care of the risks involved in buying from the overseas. However, they heavily charge for their services. They have doubtlessly more experience and more contacts than you, for example with quarantine cleaning services and other services.

They also save your time in tracking down a bargain surfing the internet. You just have to be sure that the broker you have chosen is reputable by getting references.

Image Courtesy: marineautodepot.com.au

4. Import a Boat Yourself from Abroad

This option is the riskiest among all but also has the highest reward. You can easily save up to half off the regular purchase price, which means you can get a far more boat for the money and can also resell it after using it for the summer for a profit.

However, you need to know the process exactly so as to avoid unnecessarily high cost, loss of time and possible legal consequences. You also have to face quite a few negative points like not getting what you expected, scams, damage in transit if you don’t get an expert in boat packing and unpacking, hidden costs, delays, GST/quarantine fees and import duties.

Thus, considering all these options you can choose one that’s the most suitable to you to be a proud owner of a beautiful boat.


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