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Check the PPSR with the Click of a Button

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national online register which is used to generate information in the interest of the customers when they buy personal properties like cars, artwork, boats, etc. On 30th January 2012, this single certification named PPSR replaced all the VCheck and REVS Certificates. This proved to be the most convenient way to obtain vital information prior to any purchase procedure. When you search the PPSR on the day, you buy the property or a day before you get to know if you are purchasing a property that already has a security interest attached to it. If you land up buying such a property, there are high chances that the previous owner might repossess it.

Importance of PPSR

A PPSR search enables the purchaser in verifying if the vehicle they are considering to purchase has any due against it or if it has a record of any stolen status against it. It also gives an idea of the type of damage if any that it had sustained earlier like fire or water damage and also the date along with the state where it was written off. When you decide to purchase this certificate which was earlier known by many names like Clear Title Certificates, Security Interest Certificate or Vehicle Security Register Certificate while purchasing a second-hand vehicle or boat you can protect yourself from any repossession by the previous owner.

What it reveals

The national online register PPSR can help you with the information to protect your interest as a consumer while buying personal property like cars, boats or artworks. Millions of PPSR searches are conducted every year that reveals the following information. An Instant PPSR check usually confirms:

  • The vehicle’s information on description like the make, year of manufacture, model, rego number, body shape and color
  • The vehicle’s status, i.e., whether any money is due
  • The vehicle’s write-off status, i.e., whether the car had suffered any damage earlier
  • The vehicle’s stolen status

The convenient way

Websites like checkvin.com offers the purchaser of a second-hand vehicle like a car, campervan, truck, trailer, caravan, bus, motorcycle, jetski or boat a quick PPSR check to easily obtain the important information about the vehicle prior to the process of purchasing it and allows you to stay informed so that you can take the decisions accordingly. Such websites act as an Information Broker for the Australian Financial Security Authority, and they offer an interface to the members to generate the PPSR Certificate. Checkvin.com is one of the most trustworthy and secures systems where you don’t need to sign in to make the payment. You can get your job done at a very nominal charge of $5.90 and acquire a comprehensive PPSR report. Also, the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) charges an amount to allow you to check the register. You should be clear about the fact that the service is not free and you need to shell off a minimum price for it to save yourself from any fraudulent situation.

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