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How To Deal With Faulty Mercedes Brakes Even After Repair

What if you go for a service of you Mercedes and when you reach back home, you notice that there is something wrong with the brakes. It could be that the brakes have jammed or making squeaking or grinding noises. But, worry not, here’s how you can deal with this problem.

Signs that there’s some problem with the brakes

These are the common signs which indicate that your Mercedes Benz car might be dealing with some issue with its breaks even after repair service.

  • The braking action is being delayed even after pressing the pedal.
  • The car jumps or shakes when brakes are applied.
  • Grinding or squealing noises when applying the brakes.
  • The pulling of the car to either side on applying the brakes.

Delayed braking

If you press the brakes and the braking action of the brakes takes more time than usual, your brakes need repair. It could be because of some issue with the leakage in fluid pressure or it could be because of expulsion of air into the brake lines. The leakage on brake fluid could be because of corrosion and moisture.

Noise from the brakes

You may sometimes hear the chugging, squeaking or the grinding noise of the brakes when you apply them. It could be because of the vibration of the calipers or the brake pads. You can overcome this by cleaning and smoothening the rotor of the disc brake, which would make a smooth surface for the brake pads.

Shaky car

If the car shakes or pulsates itself, there could be some issue with front brakes of the car. And if the whole car starts vibrating, there might be an issue with the rear ones. There are brake rotors on the front brakes. Brake drums are used for the rear ones. While applying the brakes, the friction may cause them, to degrade with time. You need to replace the rotors or get them fixed.

Car pulling

Your car might sometimes pull on either side while applying the brakes. It could be because of an uneven pressure or an irregular alignment of the tire. It could be because of worn outbreaks.

How to deal with it?

You can discuss any of the above issues with your mechanic and tell him about the type o issue that you are facing with and get it fixed up, or you may even get that part replaced which causes the issue.


There might be issues with your Mercedes even after getting it repaired from a mechanic. Therefore, you need to know about the type of problem and explain it to the mechanic and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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