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Palmer Administrative Services, Inc.

If one is looking to protect their vehicle investment with the best protection on the market, they need look no further than Palmer Administrative Services, Inc. One only needs to glance at Palmer’s many offerings to know that this company has what it takes to stay on top in the vehicle protection industry.

Palmer is home to the most reliable auto protection plans in the industry.  Better than typical vehicle insurance, automotive protection plans are like an extension of a vehicle’s warranty.  They protect drivers from unforeseeable repairs, whether the result of an accident, wear and tear, or manufacturing flaw.  Protection plans are often considered to be a better deal than traditional manufacturer warranties, because they often include more coverage for more types of problems. The plans offered by Palmer include coverage for the cost of electrical and mechanical parts, as well as the labor to make the repairs regarding these parts.

Palmer Administrative Services fills these types of needs for virtually any vehicle and budget.  With over thirty years of experience, drivers can trust that Palmer is doing the job right.  It is very easy to file a claim when necessary, and they have a helpful customer service team of standby.  These friendly folks can be reached by phone or 24/7 via e-mail, with the address listed right on the company website.

Currently, the company offers 6 unique plans to meet the needs of various vehicle owners.  In addition to providing a detailed description of each type of plan on the company website, the Internet site features a one-of-a-kind “compare” tool that allows the prospective purchaser to compare plans side by side.  This tool breaks  down the components of each plan, so that the shopper can decide which one best meets their current and future needs.  If one is still unsure after using the compare tool and examining the plans, a helpful agent is standing by to answer any additional questions.  Also useful is the “frequently asked questions” section of the company homepage, where one may find that their query has already been answered.

The Elite Exclusionary Plan is the top of the line choice for the driver who wants no chance of lacking coverage.  This plan covers virtually anything that could possible go wrong with a vehicle, excluding normal wear and tear.  One can also consider other factors when choosing the best coverage plan for their vehicle.  For example, if one commutes long distances for work or plans on driving their vehicle to its maximum lifespan, a good choice might be the PowerTrain Plan.  This plan provides higher protection levels for more expensive components of a heavily used vehicle, such as major engine repairs.  No matter which of the six plans one chooses, they are each described thoroughly on the website-there is no gray area to worry about!  One knows what sort of benefits they can expect from their plan from the get-go.

In addition to compensation for coverage, there are additional benefits to auto protection plans from Palmer.  Plans allow drivers the choice of which facility they choose to have their repairs done at.  This is more convenient than many insurance companies which require one to go to a certain auto shop that may not be nearby or easy to access.  One may also have their work done at a dealership of their choice.  Reimbursements for rental vehicles may even be included under one’s plan with Palmer!

Palmer Administrative Services is a leader in the field of auto protection plans.  Their helpful agents, detailed range of plans, and impeccable service make them the perfect choice for any vehicle owner.

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