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Protect Your Bicycle or Motorcycle: Insist on the Best

When you’ve invested in a high-quality bicycle, a motorcycle, or another item, you certainly want to do all you can to protect it from damage and from harsh weather. So, you keep it inside and make sure access to it is restricted, if not impossible. But what options do you have when you use your bicycle or motorcycle for everyday transportation and you must leave it outside occasionally?

While it’s impossible to protect your property in every situation, you can provide security 99.9% of the time if you use high-quality bike security chains from one of the leading suppliers in the industry. You won’t be able to find a chain manufactured to higher standards, especially one with the combination of alloy composition and heat-treatment used in the process.

Smart Choice

If you’re looking for a truly dependable chain, visit the website of one of the top sellers in the UK and look for the Pewag #3012. Buy it and you’ll have a product of extraordinary tensile strength that was strenuously tested by a professional locksmith when it was first introduced to the market. Choose the silver electroplated finish or the traditional black untreated finish, depending on your preference. Choose your preferred length up to 15 metres in 0.5m increments.

Security chains are one of the premier products from the Pewag company, which manufactures chains and fittings for lifting, lashing, mechanical handling, tyre protection, and traction in addition to an array of stainless-steel lifting products. When you browse the site, you’ll also see stainless steel pump-lifting chains that are the benchmark for safety and quality in the water industry. UK utility companies select them by name on a consistent basis.

With testimonials like this, you know you can rely on Pewag security chains to protect your bicycle or motorcycle. If you’re going to invest in quality security products, you should also rely on a supplier that offers only the highest-quality products. When you buy from them, you have a partner who maintains an extensive warehouse inventory. In many situations, you can receive your order on a next-day basis.

There’s More

You’ll also have access to a range of hoisting products including manual and electric chain hoists, lever hoists, beam clamps, beam trolleys, and wire rope pullers from leading manufacturers. The inventory also includes DNV chain slings, hoist chains, hand chains, logging-chain systems for forestry, and much more. In addition to quality security products, the Pewag line has been expanded to include plate-lifting clamps, lifting magnets, and DNV master links.

Working with an industry leader also gives you access to outstanding product training for clients, available at your site or in the Warrington facility. These experts will be happy to work with you to present a program that suits your specific needs. This outstanding customer service is what you’d expect from a leader in the UK market and a supplier of high-quality chain-related products for industry and a variety of other applications. Contact them today. It’s the smart choice.

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