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Reasons for Using Safety Harness for Dogs during Car Travel

Are you one of those owners who would look forward to travelling with your dog? You should think about the safety features of a dog harness before you actually plan to travel with your dog. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Safety for your dog

The foremost reason is simple and straight. As with people wearing seat belts required by law for their safety in event of an accident or sudden braking, the dog harness would prevent the dog from rolling down the seat. Moreover, it would prevent the pooch from being shaken badly, especially when impact occurs at high speed or brakes are applied suddenly. It would help the dog from injuring itself and others.

Accident assistance

Imagine a situation where you would were in an accident with your dog. Apparently, your dog would be under shock and confused as to what happened. The dog may have been injured and probably become protective of your when people gather around or police comes to help. The dog safety harness would keep the dog in place to help emergency responders may be able to do their jobs in a quick and safe manner.

Prevents distraction

A driver could be easily distracted with mobile phones and texting. Similarly, dogs could be a huge distraction for people while focussing on the road. It would be relatively smart and sensible to restrain the dog from moving around in the car. People having small children would be wary of their children moving around in the car. They would be susceptible to injuries when car comes to a sudden halt. The same rule would be applicable on the dog. Therefore, it would be imperative to secure your dog when travelling in car.

Restrain the dog from jumping out

The safety harness would prevent the dog from jumping out of the vehicle. Dogs love to stick their heads out of the car window to feel the breeze across their face. However, it could be dangerous for some dogs finding it difficult to gulp gush of air coming at force. Moreover, some dogs have the tendency to jump out of the cars if the leash is long enough to give them freedom of movement. It would be pertinent that you should have all safety harness that restricts the dog to a limited area. He could stand, sit and lie down, but would not be able to jump out of the window. You could find the best harness at yourdogisworthittoo.com.

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