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Shopping 101: Check These Pointers For Selecting A Convertible Car Seat!

If you drive frequently with your baby, you should consider getting an additional car seat. In this post, we will talk about the things that matter in selecting a convertible car seat.

Convertible car seat vs. Infant car seat

An infant car seat is rear facing, and it’s designed to carry kids with maximum of weight of 40 pounds. As your toddler grows up, you will need a convertible car seat, which can carry up to 80 pounds. These convertible seats are typically taller and are ideal for families that enjoy driving and moving together in a car. The main difference is related to the size and weight capacity, although convertible car seats are stronger and sturdier, and quite expectedly, these are more expensive than an average infant car seat.

Things to check

If you are looking for a convertible car seat for infant, there are a few things you should check, which are listed below.

  1. Installation and use. You need to buy a car seat that’s easy to install and use. Most products will come with an instruction manual, but make sure that you check the process before buying the product. If required, check for reviews or talk to fellow parents in this regard.
  2. A secure harness is important. Your child needs to feel safe and secure in the seat, and for that, you need a 5-point harness. Such harnesses have five straps. Two are attached to the shoulders, while there are two straps for the hips. There is also an additional strap, which goes between the legs.
  3. Protection against side impact matters. The material used for making the convertible car seat is also important. Some products have additional shock-absorbing foam, which can protect the chest and head of your baby in the rare event of a side-impact mishap or accident. This feature will be mentioned in the product manual.
  4. Easy and adjustable straps. As the child grows, you will need to adjust the straps of the harness as and when required. Check if the product has good buckles, which are easy to release. Most of the current models will have a latch system, which allows the seats to be attached to the car’s frame, instead of relying on seat belts. Check the connectors, as well, and don’t forget to read the manual in this regard.
  5. Comfort matters. On a long drive, you will want the child to be comfortable and at ease. When you look for a high-end rear/front facing convertible car seat, do take a moment to check for padding. The straps should be cushioned, as well, so that there is no wanted pain in the hips and shoulders.

Finally, you will have to check if you can clean the seat easily. With toddlers, you have to maintain a level of hygiene, and it’s important to choose a product that’s cleanable and easy to maintain. Check online now to find websites, where these products, especially the well-rated ones, are compared together for pros and cons.

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