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Take Your Trip to the Next Level with Refurbished Rides

Going on holiday with family and friends shouldn’t cost a fortune. Whether using a small single-axle vehicle or a family-sized caravan, people can easily find themselves giving too much thought to an aspect of travel that should be stress-free on both the mind and wallet. Paying large amounts of money means that one can expect a certain level of quality and assurance associated with brand names. These expectations of quality mean that customers want the assurance of having their personal caravan preferences met. The purchase of a used caravan, although ideal, can be daunting. With so many brands, makes, and models to choose from, one may not know where to begin.


The thought of buying something used can conjure up unpleasant images of a low-quality caravan, unused for years, gathering rust in a backyard. Buying used on www.thecaravancompany.com is far from that foul mental image, however, and is in reality quite the opposite. The vast selection of used caravans covers a wide swath of different brands, settings, and standards of refurbishment. Starting at low, reasonable prices, these used caravans are each outfitted with their own unique aspects: heating, motor movers, and different configurations of interior layouts, all refurbished to a high standard.


Just because the option to buy a used caravan is available doesn’t mean that a customer can’t buy a new one as well from the same location. It is a testament to good customer service to have the option of financing both used and new caravans.


The financing of a caravan can be as simple and hassle-free as finding one that suits one’s needs. Using well-known banking groups, the customer is put at ease knowing that a robust program of repayment is in place whenever they are ready to make the jump. The financial freedom one has during this potentially stressful period is far-reaching. With fixed interest rates, repayment plans, and no lump sums, a buyer shouldn’t worry about whether they’re breaking the bank with underhanded, fine print business jargon.

Security and Care

Aside from the process of purchasing a used caravan, one must also take ancillary factors into account. Usually during the harsh winter months, a caravan is seldom if ever used. This means long bouts of the caravan just sitting on one’s property, leaving it open to risks. Wheel clamps can guarantee that a caravan won’t be stolen or accidentally roll downhill. Long months of inactivity during both the winter and summer can cause a caravan’s wheels to wear down in spots, putting anyone driving it in danger. By replacing the caravan’s standard tyres with specialised substitute winter tyres, an owner can store away the standard wheels until their next use.

Having an adequate alarm or security system shouldn’t end at one’s home. A caravan can boast several security measures, protecting a valuable investment. Mobile tracking devices can both deter criminals from stealing and help locate a stolen or lost caravan.

Security systems fitted with LED lights that flash after the ignition is turned off can put the owner at ease, knowing that their caravan has an active and effective deterrent towards thieves.

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