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The Dangers Of Driving With A Cracked Windscreen

For some people, a small crack in their windscreen doesn’t seem like such a big deal. After all, it’s only a tiny crack, barely noticeable, right? Sadly, there are plenty of dangers posed by even a small crack in your car’s glass. Rather than being just an aesthetic issue that damages the overall look of your car, that little crack could cause big problems, both to your safety, and to the safety of the other drivers on the road. Be aware of the risks today to boost your auto savvy.

The primary danger caused by cracks in your windscreen is the impact they can have on the structure of your car. Small damage to the windscreen weakens the entirety of the glass, meaning your windscreen as a whole can’t function as it should. If you get into an accident while driving, your windscreen won’t protect you in the way it was designed to. At the moment of impact, a strong windscreen is designed to shift the impact of the crash from the front of the car down to the vehicle’s chassis. A crack weakens the resistance of the glass, meaning it can cave in during a crash and cause major injury to the driver and passengers. Fortunately, a service like car glass repair penrith can fix those cracks before they cause massive injury in an accident.

Alongside its ability to shift the force of impact in an accident, your windscreen also plays an important role in the way airbags work. Airbags are there for a reason – they protect you from the force of a collision and could save your life. However, they need a strong and resilient windscreen to work effectively. When they quickly inflate during an accident, the airbag immediately pushes up against the glass. If your windscreen is fragile thanks to that seemingly meaningless crack, the glass could shatter instead of holding the airbag in place. The shatter could do serious damage, increasing the risk of injuries or even death during an accident that could otherwise have been of minimal severity.

Once a crack grows, as they tend to do, you’re looking at a visibility issue. Every driver needs to see clearly while they navigate the road – that’s why the windscreen is made of glass, after all. Once the crack expands, it will lead to blind spots forming in your vision while you drive. You may think that the crack presents no visibility issues if it’s not directly in front of your line of vision – but every area of the windscreen is crucial when attempting to drive safely. Any blind spot can cause an accident – so be prepared.

If the dangers above and the potential loss of life involved in neglecting a windscreen crack haven’t convinced you, the possible hit on your bank balance might. Fixing a crack straight away is always the best way to deal with the problem if you want to save money. Once it expands and becomes a more severe windscreen problem, you’re looking at more expensive repair job. You could also face massive bills if your crack causes an accident and leaves you with a written off car or hospital expenses. Opt for an inexpensive, simple fix-up now and save yourself plenty of trouble later.

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