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Which One To Hire? A Van, Or A UTE?

Today, when it comes to renting vehicles, there is usually a debate in which vehicle is better to hire between a van and a UTE. The answer to that question is quite simple, as both vehicles have some advantages over the other one.

Why hire a van?

Hiring a van has always been a great choice when it comes to moving items around, since obviously, the van provides more space for the items to be packed in, especially if you decide to hire a very big van. When it comes to the price, while renting UTE vehicles tends to be cheaper, you can easily find affordable one way van hire from Go With The Gecko or a similar reputable company.

Vans are also great for family vacations

It is becoming more popular to ditch the family car at home and rent a van when people are going somewhere on a vacation, especially if they want to bring along a lot of items. Traveling in a car not lonly limits the space you can use for items, but it often gets too crowded for long trips, making the whole traveling part of the journey very uncomfortable.

If you hire a van that is big enough for the items and your family, you can also easily set up a small sleeping area in the back of the van, so one of you can rest while the other person is driving. This will minimize your travel time as you will not have to stop somewhere to get some sleep, and it will also save you some money as well.

Hiring a van is a great idea for picking up a big up

Why hire a UTE?

While it is true that the van has an advantage on moving items, UTE vehicles are not that far behind if the items that you are moving are in a smaller quantity, since you can easily fit one or two big items in the back of the UTE trey. The only clear disadvantage when it comes to moving a single big item, is that if it happens to be raining, you will have to use some kind of plastic to cover the item transported by a UTE.

Great for off-road

If you are thinking of going off-road, transporting some items into a cabin, or if you just want to go to a hunting or fishing trip with friends, going for a UTE hire from Go With The Gecko or a similar company that allows you to rent UTE vehicles that are optimized for off-road is a supreme advantage over a van, since vans are horrible when it comes to off-road.

UTE vehicles provide a lot of utility

Final Word

Both vehicles definitely have their ups and downs, and depending on your situation, one vehicle is always going to be a better choice. If you are not sure which vehicle to pick, it is advised to ask the rental provider for advice, by telling them about your situation.

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