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Why Suzuki Gixxer SF Triumphs over its Rivals?

The premium 150cc two-wheeler bikes are the new fashion in town and three biking companies are showing how competitive this sub-segment actually is.  These bikes are made as commuting friendly and as a touring category vehicle which promises you with a ‘Can do it all’ attitude. Today, we have decided to pit three top bikes in this category – the Yahama Fazer, Bajaj Pulsar Adventure Sport 150 and the Suzuki Gixxer SF against each other. The results are mentioned below:

Designs and Looks

The first look on the Pulsar AS150 in comparison to the Fazer and Gixxer SF doesn’t look good. The AS150 is probably the widest, longest and the tallest offering in this segment with outdated rear ends which needs an upgrade.


The Yahama Fazer fares a little better than AS150 as its styling looks very sharp and the twin headlamps provides the bike with a wider look. But the undoubted winner in looks is the Suzuki Gixxer SF. The bike is inspired by the Hayabusa style design, step seat and aerodynamic lines.

Instrument Console

The Fazer and the Gixxer SF sports the new all-digital console system in their designs whereas the Pulsar AS150 still uses an efficient digital-analog combination setup. Also, the AS150 is the only bike with the backlit switches on the switchgear but disappoints on the overall quality and finish. The console on the fazer misses out on a number of information which doesn’t bode well for the bike.

Ride Quality

As all the three bikes are made as a touring bike, they provide the riders with comfortable riding position thanks to the rider seated upright. The comfort levels for the Pillion rides vary on the bike and Fazer offers the best one. However, Suzuki Gixxer SF, being lightweight, is suitable for riders of different sizes.


The seat height on all the three bikes varies dramatically. The AS150 is best suited for tall riders while the other two bikes are more suited for the average sized adults.

Engine and Performance

This is the place which changes the whole game for the Suzuki Gixxer SF. The AS150 and the Fazer both are equipped with a 149cc engine whereas Gixxer SF has a 155cc motor fitted on it to provide good Suzuki Gixxer SF Mileage. These bikes are also tuned differently to get the maximum out of them. Suzuki comes with 2 valves whereas the Bajaj has 4-valves. Yamaha is more of a fuel injected model which results in better NVH levels, making the engine refinement the best out there.

Fazer is best suited to offer low-end power while the remaining two bikes are able to offer a mid-range power. Pulsar has a low torque output of 13 Nm which means that it has to be revved hard so that it has to get going.

With an aerodynamic body, Gixxer SF stream rolls both the AS150 and Fazer in straight-line speed and performance. However, the Pulsar AS150 seems to be the more fuel efficient at 52kmpl whereas the Fazer offers 48kmpl and Suzuki Gixxer SF Mileage is only 46kmpl.

The Last Words

The Yamaha Fazer is the most expensive out of the three but still comes last in our list because of missing few engine refinement attributes.

The Bajaj Pulsar AS150 provides the rider with more equipment; higher comfort levels and is the cheapest among the three. However, it doesn’t offer the refinement and punch as compared to others.

Although the Suzuki Gixxer SF Mileage is less in comparison to others, it still emerges out of the test as the clear winner thanks to the responsive engine, great design and looks and superior build quality, making it worth every penny you decide to shelve out for it.

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